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If yes, you are a carer, and you’re not alone. We can help you find the information and support you need.

If you look after a relative, partner or friend of any age, who needs help due to a physical or mental illness or disability, frailty or an addiction, then you are a carer. The care you provide is unpaid and:

  • you may be new to caring or have been caring for many years. You may have taken on a caring role gradually or become a carer overnight (for example, due to a relative’s hospital admission);
  • the care you provide may be practical or personal care or supervision or emotional support;
  • you may live with the person you care for, or you may be travelling a long distance from your own home to look after someone, for example, an elderly relative.

A young carer is anyone under the age of 18 who has responsibility for the care of someone who is ill, has a disability, is experiencing mental health problems or is affected by substance misuse. A young adult carer is 18 – 25 years old.

Parent carers are carers who have parental responsibility for a child with a disability under the age of 18.

Carers come from all walks of life, from different cultures and can be any age. Our service is for carers over the age of 18.



Carers Helpline

Open 11am to 3pm Mon, Tues & Thurs.

01204 363056


Our Information Drop-in where you can speak to a member of staff is open 11am - 1pm on Wednesday.

Drop-ins at any other times are by appointment only.

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