Our Trustees

As a charity, our governing body is a Management Committee. It is comprised of the charity’s trustees, with the Chief Officer (the Company Secretary) in attendance.

Legally and financially responsible for the organisation, the Management Committee leads Bolton Carers Support, developing long-term plans (our Strategy) and monitors progress to make sure work is on track. In a nutshell, the Committee ensures that the staff team know what they are meant to be doing, have the resources to do it, and does it well.

Length of office: Trustees can serve a maximum of 6 years in one period, before they have to step down from the Committee (and any Sub-committees) for a 12 month period before being able to stand again for the trustee role.

How trustees are appointed: Trustees are appointed by selection or election. There are a number of places available for ‘co-opting’ people with particular skills and experience. Each year an Annual General Meeting is held and if there are more candidates than places available then elections are held. If there are the same (or fewer) candidates as places available then elections do not need to be held, but the Annual General Meeting has to approve that the candidates be appointed onto the Management Committee.

Current trustees
  • Chair: Trixie Halls
  • Vice Chair: Enid Brooks
  • Honorary Treasurer: Reinhard Benischke
  • Ayleen Benischke
  • Mike Dunnington
  • Doug Hearn
  • Anne Oakes
  • Anne Bain
  • Denise Osman

In addition, Bob Bradley serves on our Human Resources and Finance Sub-Committee.