Carers Fact-Sheets

There are currently 33 Fact-sheets in the series, with plans to add more in the coming months. You can download the Factsheets here:

1. New to caring
2. Carers assessments
3. Financial help and support
4. Hospital discharge
5. Working and caring
6. Transport
7. Emotional support
8. Education and Leisure
9. Bereavement – when caring ends
10. How to complain
11. Emergencies
12. Meals
13. DIY / gardening / practical support
14. Stroke
15. Parkinson’s Disease
16. Dementia
17. Luncheon clubs and community cafes

18. Aids, adaptations and equipment
19. Finding and paying for care through a private agency
20. Caring for a child with a disability
21. Watch your back
22. Getting the most from your GP
23. Cancer
24. Wheelchairs
25. Technology to help you care
26. Wills and Trusts
27. Falls
28. Get active
29. Look after your heart
30. Dealing with debt
31. Multiple Sclerosis
32. Raising Funds for Bolton Carers Support
33. Visual Impairment

If you have ideas for other topics we can cover please let us know by ringing our Carers Helpline on 01204 363056 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.