CANW’s football match highlights Premier League support for foster carers

To mark the start of Foster Care Fortnight we staged a very special 7 a-side football tournament to raise awareness of the support given to foster carers and the children they look after.

Players took to the pitch at here CANW headquarters in Wilpshire dressed in shirts with titles including ‘social worker’, ‘foster carer’ and ‘GP’ to highlight the teamwork involved in helping foster children achieve their full potential.

The aim was give people a better understanding of support foster carers receive and encourage more people to consider fostering. Sue Cotton, our CEO said: “There’s still a perception that foster carers and the children they care for are left to get on with it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Like footballers, foster carers need to be great team players because they work with so many other people all with the same goal: to help children feel safe, secure and healthy and to achieve the best they can. “The team that supports a child and their foster carer can be as individual as the child themselves: teachers, health workers, the child’s birth parents and the foster carer’s own birth children all have important roles to play.

“At CANW we believe foster carers and the children and young people they look after deserve Premier League support. That’s why we offer extensive training, 24/7 support from our social work team and a broad programme of holiday activities to ensure children get to have great days out and their carers get a bit of precious time to themselves!”

“More than 1200 extra foster carers are needed right across the North West, and we hope that raising awareness of the help and support available will make more people consider becoming a foster carer.”

 “We’re always looking for new foster carers to join our team, and anyone interested in becoming a foster carer can find out more by calling CANW on 0800 0800 634 5300 or visiting


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