Children are the most important people at Pro-Contact.

When parents separate it’s very scary for children. You don’t know why things are happening and may feel caught in the middle, angry or worried about what will happen next. Pro-Contact helps families where children don’t live with one or both of their parents. When your parents fight it can be very difficult to say how you feel about what is going on. We are here to listen to you and help find the best solution for you. Pro-Contact helps families sort out disagreements about children, by talking to them and their families and seeing how they get on together. We often help make decisions, especially about when and where children should see any parents they don’t live with.




Pro-Contact is a place where families are not allowed to argue and children are protected.


We have a wide range of games, toys and art materials that you can use to have a good time.

Child Focused

Children are the most important people at Pro- Contact, we will listen to you and help explain your views


There is lots to do here, that might be see family, get letters or news, or talk about how you are.


Pro-Contact helps understand your family’s worries and helps make decisions to make things better.


You can talk to us about your feelings and about any worries you have.

What does that mean?

This is a list of words grown-ups will use when they talk about you and your family. Sometimes grown-ups forget that children may not have heard some of these words before and may not understand what they mean, so we hope that this list helps you:

Direct Contact

Contact is the word grown-ups use to describe the time a child spends with the parent he/she does not normally live with. “Direct” means that you are in the same room with your mum or your dad. At Pro-Contact your caseworker stays with you all the time if you see the parent you don’t live with.

Indirect Contact

Sometimes the parent you don’t normally live with can send you letters or cards or photographs, and you can write back or send things in return. This is what we call indirect contact. Indirect means you are not in the same place and so you will not meet each other.


The family court is in charge of making decisions about children and their parents. Lots of families go to the family court to get help making difficult decisions about their family. A family court may have decided you should come to Pro-Contact.


A Judge is the person who makes the decisions in the family court. A Judge is a wise person who knows a lot about what children need. They use laws to make decisions. Everyone has to obey laws even if they do not agree with them. A Judge can decide that your family should come to Pro-Contact to help sort out when you can see your mum or dad.

Family Court

A report is like a long letter. Sometimes caseworkers will write a report about your time at Pro-Contact and this will be sent to the Judge to help them work out what is best for you. The report can include your views and feelings about what should happen but it is up to the Judge to decide what is best for you. Your caseworkers will tell you if they are writing a report about you.

Court Order

A court order is like a short letter that tells parents what the Judge has decided and what will happen next. Everyone has to do what the Judge says even if they do not agree. If you need to know anything else about Pro-Contact or what is happening to you and your family the people who work at Pro-Contact will help you.