“It’s about diverting these young people away from their current behaviour and encouraging them
to make constructive use of their time through engaging in positive activities to help develop their skills and reach their full potential.”

CANW’s Criminal Justice Service provides an Extended Youth Justice Service (EYJS) for Youth Offending teams (YOT). This is aimed at young people aged between 10 -18 years who are in the court system, or have been in the court system and have been given a sentence and a court order.

CANW’s team works with young people to develop personal intervention plans that, not only ensure they comply with their YOT orders, but also enables them to focus on making the right choices through engagement in positive activities; this allows young people to understand the consequences of their previous behaviours and divert them to make positive use of their time. Activities and support may include education, training and employment, social development skills, joining groups or sports teams.



EYJS staff have supported my cases by offering weekend appointments and also facilitation of community reparation. One young man in particular works on a full time basis until after 6pm and unfortunately the YOT operates until before this time. Having EYJS on board has meant that the young person still receives a quality service which does not interfere with his work commitments.

Another three young people who I supervise have a requirement to carry out community reparation and restorative work which again EYJS deliever to a high standard. From speaking with the young people this is something that they also enjoy and feel that they are listened to by staff.

Communication has always been excellent with colleagues from EYJS, de-brief sheets are always sent as soon as possible and likewise new referrals are always acted upon quickly. On a number of occasions I have sent specific work to be completed with young people and where necessary staff from EYJS have contacted me to ensure that they are fully prepared for the session (i.e the outcomes, delivery style etc). Staff have also visited the office to collect materials and speak to me about the intervention. I find the EYJS service essential for young people to be able to complete their statutory Court Orders and I feel it’s a fantastic service.

On another note I recently went on training and was sat with an employee from EYJS, he spoke very highly of his job and his employer and was passionate about the work he was carrying out.

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