“If we can catch these young people committing low level offences early and show them the effects their behaviour has on others, they are less likely to continue on this path”

CANW’s Triage is an early intervention programme for young people aged 10 – 17 years who have committed low-level offences. The Police will issue a Triage to reduce the number of young people entering the Criminal Justice system. By diverting these young people away from potential repeat offending will avoid them taking the stigma from having a criminal record into later life.

Our experienced team of Triage Workers will work closely Police and the young person will firstly be asked to write a letter of apology to their victim(s) followed by attendance at a crime and consequence session, and undertake 3 hours of Reparation.

Some young people may need additional support while they are accessing the Triage service and may be assigned a Triage Plus Worker. The level of this support will vary dependent on the young person and their family.

If you would like more information contact 01254 692709

Case Study

“They didn’t mean it, they were just bored. Now they’re volunteers at the park they covered with graffiti”

They only started doing the graffiti in the park because there was nothing else to do. But the police caught up with them and they were sent for triage. 

Trevor, their reparation worker, got them to help out at the park’s open day – gardening, getting rid of the graffiti and tidying the place up. They did a great job. 

Trevor asked if they’d make a public apology to the volunteers who ran the park. They agreed and the volunteers asked them to sit on their young peoples’ panel. The park doesn’t seem so boring now.

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