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Our Supported Lodgings scheme is aimed at helping young people aged 16 – 25 years who cannot live with their own families and are not yet ready to live independently.

There are many reasons why young people aged 16-25 require Supported Lodgings. They may be leaving care, have been involved in criminal activity or have found themselves homeless for a variety of reasons, but they all need somewhere to live and are unable to manage living on their own. Supported Lodgings offer these young people a place in a safe and secure family environment where they can learn the skills required for them to live independently. The aim is to build con dence and improve the practical skills that young people will need when they move on, for example, budgeting, shopping and cooking.

 Why CANW?

Our Supported Lodgings scheme is a much valued service both by the young people who access it and by the agencies that make the initial referrals. It provides placements in areas of Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. We take pride in the support and training provided for our Supported Lodgings hosts, even though the role does not necessarily require any formal qualifications. When you have a young person in placement you will receive a weekly allowance to meet expenses incurred for providing Supported Lodgings.


What we will expect from you?

Becoming a Supported Lodgings host generally takes approximately two months and will involve several visits from our staff to you in your own home, as well as introductory training which you will be required to attend over one or two evenings. Supported Lodgings Providers come from all walks of life and backgrounds but share an interest and concern for the welfare of young people. You will need a spare bedroom and be willing to share your home with a young person who needs a stable environment. There are no age, ethnicity, religious or sexual orientation limits and it does not matter whether you are married, single or living as a couple. The job can be demanding both physically and emotionally, but also very rewarding. You will need patience, energy and a sense of humour. Even though Supported Lodgings Providers don’t need any formal quali cations you will be expected to attend ongoing the training we provide.


What can you expect from us?

One of the things we have recognised over the years is that a Supported Lodgings Provider cannot do everything on their own, no matter how experienced they may be. That’s why we have a 24 hour support line for the times when providers need help and advice. Support is only a small part of what we offer, with CANW you can expect the following:

  • Introduction to Supported Lodgings’ training before you are approved.
  • A comprehensive programme of relevant training.
  • Regular support group meetings allowing you to share experience and seek guidance from other providers.
  • Regular visits and telephone contact from our team who will provide support, supervision and guidance to assist in the continuity and success of the placement.All young people staying with the scheme have at least one worker from an outside agency skilled in helping them resolve any issues they may have. These workers will have regular contact with the young person and will help them plan their future.We are also able to provide a support worker for the more challenging young people.

Types of placements…


Parent and Babies

Pregnant teenagers or teenagers who already have a child and need a supportive environment to gain the skills to care for their baby in preparation for their move to independent living.

 Young Offenders

Young people whose offending behaviour is preventing them living at home. These could be young people who regularly commit low level offences or a young person coming straight from custody.

Care Leavers

Young people that have left Foster Care placements or residential care and need further support to enable them to live successfully independently.

Substance Misuse

These are placements for young people who need support and stability to help them recover from problems with alcohol and substance misuse. Each young person will have a substance misuse worker from a recognised agency plus other workers such as Connexions.


When hosts are on holiday, away for weekends or if the placement is in danger of breaking down, respite placements are needed for the young person to have somewhere safe and secure to go. Respite placements can also be offered by approved Supported Lodgings hosts with more than one spare room.


Following our rigorous matching process, the young person will be placed with a Supported Lodging host. During this time they will develop the life skills required to move on to live independently. They will be encouraged to attend education and/or employment during their time in Supported Lodgings. All young people will receive help and support from their allocated worker to make sure they are claiming the right bene ts, and given advice with regard to education and training. The worker will work with both the young person and the Supported Lodgings host to establish house rules and will meet with them regularly to support the placement and discuss any issues.




Kath Hall

“After almost ten years of providing supported lodgings I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. From the initial intention of helping the young people I quickly realised they changed my life so much for the better. CANW have supported me all the way through some varied experiences, none of which I would change for one second. I hope to continue with CANW for many years to come.”


Julie Morrow

“Whilst I have been with CANW I have learned so much. I have always felt supported with training, peer support groups and skilled supervision. It is as a result of my time as a supported lodgings host that my family has become extended with some wonderful people that I would never have met. Being a supported lodgings host has literally changed my life and led to a decision to retire from my day job to become a full time foster carer in the near future.”






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