“It’s a myth that the only young people we help come from troubled, underprivileged backgrounds. Many of the youngsters we see come from good homes and are well cared for – but they still need our support; every child has the right to achieve their potential”

Getting to the root of the problem is what CANW’s Targeted Youth Support service is all about. We talk to young people who’ve been identified as having problems by their school or college and work with them over a 12-week programme to address their issues.

Whether it’s education, drugs, child exploitation or bereavement, our interactive sessions help young people to work through their problems and find the support they need to make positive changes to their lives. Our highly qualified team has vast experience in delivering these often highly sensitive topics and our delivery methods are flexible to meet the needs of the young people, school and the demands of timetables.

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Case Studies

“He doesn’t want to go to college. He’s got to knuckle down or he’s not going to get his GCSEs”

Jamie was on his final warning at school. He never turned up and was in danger of failing his exams. Jamie’s mum was at her wits’ end. After talking with CANW, it turned out he had a lot of older friends and he wanted to be like them, to live independently and get a job. Jamie couldn’t see the point in school and didn’t get on with his teachers.

CANW helped him to look at his options, explored how concentrating on his GCSEs could help him to get an apprenticeship and helped him to repair his relationships with his teachers. School has noticed an improvement in his behaviour and he’s looking forward to the future.

“Losing the people she was closest to made her feel like she had no one to turn to”

Being a teenager is tough enough, but losing the people you care about can make you feel like there’s nowhere to turn.

Amber had lost both her dad and her grandfather in less than 12 months. And now her stepmother was refusing to let her and her younger sister have anything their dad wanted to leave them.

Amber was referred to CANW’s Targeted Youth Service and we arranged for her to attend a three-day programme with GIFTS, our grief intervention service. Here she received help and support from professional counsellors to talk through her bereavement and her issues with her stepmother.

CANW also talked to Amber about her plans for the future, and her ambition to work in the performing arts. Helping her to secure interviews for apprenticeships in arts education has given her something to work towards. “My dad would be really proud,” she says.

“They were really good kids who deserved a chance at a better life”

It was their junior school that noticed that something wasn’t right. Jack and William were best friends and always well behaved, but they looked thin and tired, and no one at their homes seemed interested in what happened to them. The school put them in touch with CANW’s Targeted Youth Services.

We did some work with Jack and William about self-esteem and what makes a good friend. We got them to think about how friends help each other and what friendship looks like. Through the sessions the pair learned about how friends can help and look out for each other and support each other through difficulties. We also looked at their home lives and provided education and counselling so their parents could give them the support they needed as they moved on to senior school. Now they’re healthier and happier and Jack and William’s friendship is stronger than ever.

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