We understand that budgets are tight but we think we have found a solution…


We understand that a ‘one-size fits all’ service model is too rigid and in exible for today’s young people. Recognising that the issues that young people face, often on a daily basis are fluid and change rapidly often resulting in a negative impact upon their overall development in terms of education and life outcomes. With this in mind we have developed our ‘Pick n Mix’ package, which allows you, the school to make a carefully considered decision about the type of service that benefits both the school and its young people and families.

However we understand that budgets are tight but we have found a solution that will enable you to try our services for FREE! All we ask is that you make that CANW school Pledge. We know that budgets are tight and we think we’ve found a solution to benefit us both…We would love your school to get involved with raising money for CANW whether it’s for a term or the entire school year. 50% of every penny you raise will be credited to the school; to be spent on any of our School Offer Services. You can use this to experience rst-hand the impact our services can have on your school and it’s children.  It really is a win win situation to choose CANW and raise vital funds; as we pledge to support you with our services in any area that you feel will bene t your school and its community.

The more you raise the more you get back!


Listen to teachers who commission our services that you could try for FREE!

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