Sponsor a school choir to take part in our Emojinal Health concert and help to improve the emotional health of children in your community

It’s estimated one in ten children aged 5 – 16 in Lancashire have a mental health disorder. That’s more than 19,000 young people. But only a quarter of those who need treatment will receive it. Will you help us build a happier future for Lancashire?

Child Action Northwest (CANW) is launching a new campaign to improve the mental health of children and young people in our communities and we hope you’ll want to join us to make a positive difference to young lives. Our ‘Emojinal Health’ initiative will enable CANW’s team of BACP trained counsellors to provide counselling and advice to children and young people who experience low level mental health issues. The service will offer young people swift, easy, effective access to support, giving them the help they need when they need it most.

Why ‘Emojinal Health’? Emojis can often help children convey their emotions when it’s hard to find the words, and we wanted them to know there’s somewhere they can turn to when they’re feeling ????????or????. But we can’t provide this service without your help. Don’t think of it as giving to charity, think of it as investing in the future – of your community, your children and your business.

To launch Emojinal Health we’ve teamed up with international opera star Sean Ruane and Chant Productions for a special ‘Emojinal Health’ concert at the Preston Guild Hall. Working with twenty primary and secondary schools from across the county, the Chant team will carry out singing workshops which will instil confidence, wellbeing and teach high level performance skills to pupils, enabling them to deliver powerful, emotional and enjoyable performances at the concert. We want to give every child who has the opportunity to take part in the ‘Emojinal Health’ concert the chance to shine and to feel ????.

By sponsoring a school to take part in the Emojinal Health concert you’ll be helping to highlight the need for better access to mental health services for young people and making a positive impact on the emotional health and wellbeing of those taking part.

Take a look at our sponsorship packages please contact Chelsea on 01254 244700 to find out how your business can make a difference to the lives of young people in Lancashire.

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