“One size doesn’t fit all – if I left a pair of size five shoes outside the door they wouldn’t fit everyone who came through it. That’s why we work differently with every person; it’s about what works best for them.” 

Our Emotional Health & Wellbeing service provides a full range of therapeutic support delivered by a team of dedicated professionals.We offer the opportunity for children, young people and adults to explore problems, thoughts and feelings in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment. Support is offered in a multitude of settings including schools, colleges, children’s centres and our own therapeutic hubs.

Our service offers specialist interventions for the following issues:

  • Bereavement, loss & separation
  • Depression, low mood.
  • Anger problems, emotional control.
  • Anxiety & stress management.
  • Low self-esteem & con dence.
  • Problem solving, coping & resilience strategies.
  • Self-harm.
  • Sexuality.
  • Attachment Issues.
  • Identifying and understanding Parent & Child patterns of interaction

To make a referral or to discuss our service in more detail you can contact:

Blackburn Office – 01254 692709

Central Lancashire Office – 01772 453145

Case Study

You are there to help but sometimes it isn’t easy. I was working with a young mum from Blackburn whose partner had committed suicide. She was devastated. Absolutely devastated.

She had a 4-year-old girl but in the aftermath of the suicide she didn’t want anything to do with her. Worse still she resented her daughter and ‘hated’ her partner for leaving her on her own to bring up their child. She sobbed uncontrollably. She lashed out. She was in bits. And all I could do at first was just sit with her. She felt helpless and I remember wondering if she would ever be able to move on.

Eventually there was a breakthrough. She started to talk to me. Then she started to talk about a future. She started to plan. Now she cherishes her little girl. She’d loved her all along – she’d just hated what had happened. Now she’s got her life back again.

Every person is different. Believe me we see a wide range. It could be children who are lashing out in school, bullying or bullied, or even grieving. The behaviours may have patterns and labels but the causes are all unique to each individual.

Whatever they bring to our sessions. It’s not about us saying ‘Oh I believe you’re upset about this, let’s talk about it.’ It’s about them. It’s about letting them work through things in their own way. It might be through play, or it might be in a face-to-face session. It’s about tailoring what we do to what will help them. It’s not counselling for its own sake. We look for solutions for them. We try to give them something positive they can use in the future

You can have sessions that don’t feel as successful. You hear things that can break your heart. Gaining trust is massive. It’s vital. Until they have sussed you out, a young person is never really going to open up to you. And it takes a lot longer for some than others.

I like people. I’m an idealist and I want to make the world better. I was a police office for 10 years investigating historical cases of abuse and interviewed a lot of children. It was really worthy work but because evidence had to be so untainted you couldn’t show much emotion with the young people you were dealing with. That was quite difficult. Here you get a chance to help the young person.

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