“We’re not a service. We’re not a prescription. We’re people and we become part of that family for as long as it takes.”


Familywise has been established for over 10 years and is part of the CANW family, which has been established in the Blackburn and Darwen area.  For 125 years, we have been supporting families who have issues which may involve behavioural issues, truancy, school refusal, financial and relationship difficulties.

Family life is a challenge for everyone. Sometimes it can get too hard, cycles become too difficult to break, problems mount up and a little extra support is needed.  We have a dedicated team of practitioners who build a rapport with families to empower them to identify issues or areas for change and then work together to facilitate those changes.

That’s why Familywise came into being, a helping hand for families who are struggling to cope. Since it’s beginnings Familywise has grown and intensived. Whether it’s issues of truancy or treatment for substance abuse, we adapt to the needs of the families we meet, especially those struggling to survive outside of the Social Services system, generation after generation. Even in the bleakest of situations, our team bring their blend of experience, tenacity and often humour to get families back on their feet.

Familywise will provide a bridge between school and home life and will liaise with school staff, SENCO and pupil wellbeing coordinators to ensure effective and valuable communication

Words from our Familywise Parent Champion Michelle


Hello All I’m Michelle, a single mum of two beautiful boys, we suffered years of domestic abuse from my previous marriage. It took me years to realise what was happening to me and the effects it was having on my boys. I kept going back as it seem easier sometimes because the abuse was worse when left…I did wake up one day and I fled to a women’s refuge which was a scary time, I felt like I had left a good life for a prison life full of rules etc…but as time went on I realised it was to keep me and my boys safe and my life with the dominator partner was the real prison!!!

I’ve done some domestic abuse awareness courses at the WISH centre and so have my boys, their help & support was fab and we ended up in own house again still a bit lonely, the boys having their break downs from what they witnessed but I got help from all different agencies.

I carried on as best I could and started college and the boys started again in school and social services signed me off. That’s when CANW’s familywise team came to help me through Supporting Families. My worker talked to me about a CAF for my family and this seemed like a good idea to me and it sounded great… Familywise understand and don’t judge, they are always there to help anytime they can, I can honestly say I wish I had supporting family at the start.

So if you’re in any doubt don’t be it’s the best help you can get..Also with their help I managed to qualify at college (Chef Course) I have learnt some strategies to help my boys. I still work hard every day to help my boys, it’s not a quick fix and you will have set backs, but there is light at end of the tunnel I thought I would never see again!

Thanks Familywise x


We understand that a ‘one-size ts all’ service model is too rigid and in exible for today’s young people. We recognize that the issues that young people face, often on a daily basis are uid and change rapidly often resulting in a negative impact upon their overall development in terms of education and life outcomes. With this in mind we have developed our ‘Pick n Mix’ package, which allows you, the school to make a carefully considered decision about the type of service that ts both the school and its young people and families.


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